Dart Tournament

August 10, 2018

Lady Luck LOD Summer Dart Series

Friday Night LOD Dart Tournaments at Walkabout 

Starting June 15th and every Friday until August 17th, Bulldog Darting is running an LOD Summer Dart Series.

Sign up 7pm, Start 7:30pm. $12 per shooter PLUS the bar ads $2 per shooter. $2 from each entry goes towards the open bar event on August 17th!

On August 17th, they take the $2 per shooter from each prior event and adding money to have an open bar until that pot is gone! You must have shot in at least 2 events in the 2018 summer series (prior to the August 17th event) to participate in the open bar portion of the event.
NEW TO 2018!!...... Lady Luck Pot! In lieu of a trips pot, they are going to be starting a 50/50 raffle…..with a twist!! Tickets can be purchased at any time during the week. You do not need to be present to win the 50/50, and anyone can purchase tickets. One name will be pulled every Friday night and 50% of the pot will go to that person. The other 50 percent will go to the Lady Luck Pot! That pot will be paid out as follows: if two women win the Friday LOD, they will receive 40% of that pot; if a man and a woman win, they will receive 20% of the pot; if two men win, they will receive 10% of the pot. The rest will carry over to the next week. This will replace the trips pot during the summer series.

Any other questions, go to the facebook event link below or contact Devin at Bulldog Darting!

2401 Calumet Dr
Sheboygan, WI 53083

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