Dart Tournament

July 17, 2022

PPD Nationals Triples Remote Tournaments

PPD Nationals Remote Tournament can be played on any PPD Vendor Members' (Midstate Amusements) Arachnid G3 boards.

4 requirements needed on www.dartstoc.com to register:
1. Established Stats/Average from eligible Leagues and/or Tournaments.
2. PPD Player Account
3. Form W9 Filed for the current year Any player exceeding $599 for a calendar year receives a 1099 for tax purposes.
4. Meet minimum game requirements – 2 Different ways to become eligible:
      a. PPD Remote League Play – 9 PPD Remote League Matches within 90 days of registering for the event. (A player can substitute up to 3 DRT’s for 3 of the 9 league matches needed. Example: A player can be eligible by using 6 league matches & 3 DRTs. Up to 3 DRTs can be substituted for 3 League Matches for eligibility. A player would then need 6 League Matches & 3 DRTs to be eligible. Note: Eligibility changes daily as new matches come in & old matches fall out of the 90-day window.
      b. Meet minimum # of games for desired event - July 15-17, 2022: 600 Games between July 15, 2021 & July 10, 2022 • If games are played for a PPD Member who purchases vouchers (Midstate Amusements does purchase vouchers), then the games can be from the Vendors Traditional Leagues and/or PPD Remote play – Leagues and/or DRTs.

Registration: Completed & paid by the team captain from their PPD Player Account. $40/Player due at time of registration – 100% Payback Singles Entry Fees: $40 Doubles Entry Fees: $80 Triples Entry Fees: $120 Coin Drop $1/Game at the board. Registration Opens at 10:00am CST on June 8, 2022; Registration Closes as early as 5:00pm CST on July 12, 2022. Last day to play matches: July 10, 2022. No refunds after brackets are live on CompuSport. 

Format: Triple Elimination – 16-Player/Team Brackets

Singles – No Cap – Flighted Brackets

Doubles –8 MPR Cap – Flighted Brackets

Triples – 12 MPR Cap – Flighted Brackets 

Start Time is 1:30pm CST.

During the tournament: For assistance TEXT 573-468-5347. Admins DO NOT answer phone calls during the tournament. Do not text the number asking to be called. If you do, you will get a reply asking what we can help with.

CompuSport- Brackets & Advancing Matches: Brackets are live on CompuSport by the Thursday evening prior to each tournament weekend. A member of each team should be prepared to score matches after the completion of each match to move them forward on the bracket.

See the Event Website link below for more details on the rules and game play. 

event website