Dart Tournament

August 14, 2021

NADO 2020-21 Finale Tournament

Only players that qualified through a NADO league with at least 75 points & 96 games can register for this tournament. Please contact Alicia at Midstate (920)420-2759 before signing up to confirm you meet the requirements. 

2020-21 Finale - August 14th at Screwballs

$27 entry fee (includes quarter drop) - pre-registration required -- Deadline to sign up Aug 6th 2021

1pm start - Chicago Style LOD with A/B/C draw

$1100 added from the NADO fund

Earn more points for a chance at a slice of the $10,000 Bonus Pool &/or $4,200 101 club. 

Visit www.midstateamusements.com and click on Tournament sign up (right side of the page) to register. Make sure you check that you are qualified

216 N. Main St.
Oshkosh, WI 54901