Dart Tournament

August 13, 2021

NADO 2019-20 Finale Tournament

Only players that qualified through a NADO league with at least 75 points & 96 games can register for this tournament. Please contact Alicia at Midstate (920)420-2759 before signing up to confirm you meet the requirements. 

2019-20 Finale - August 13th at Acee Deucee

$27 entry fee (includes quarter drop) - pre-registration required -- Deadline to sign up Aug 6th 2021

6pm start - Chicago Style LOD with A/B/C draw

$1200 added from the NADO fund

Earn more points for a chance at a slice of the $10,000 Bonus Pool &/or $4,500 101 club. 

Visit www.midstateamusements.com and click on Tournament sign up (right side of the page) to register. Make sure you check that you are qualified.

Acee-Deucee Bar
1329 Oregon St
Oshkosh, WI 54902