Dart Tournament

February 21, 2021

Dart Slingin Sundays (DSS)

A Sunday night Dart Tourney in Oshkosh??  YEP! YEP!  Dart Slingin' Sundays (DSS) at Andy's Pub & Grub.

$12 LOD Chicago Style double elimination ( $10 for that night, $1 to A-B SemiFinal on 4/25/21, $1 to Big Finale on 4/25/21)

Andy’s will match $5 per entry. (150% payout)

Sign up 6 - 6:30p; Starts at 6:45p.....call or message 920-379-8455 if you're running late from Sunday afternoon league or Packers game. 

Averaging 18-24 shooters per night. Decent competition while notbeing a sharkfest!

Still time to qualify for semifinal (+$500) and the Grand Finale (+$1200)

The tourney is done by 10:30p. Specials: $2 tallboys and pint draughts.

Semifinals - April 25th

Grand Finale - May 2nd

Andy's Pub & Grub
527 W 9th Ave
Oshkosh, WI 54902