Dart Tournament

March 17, 2021

Oshkosh City Tournament DEADLINE

We are limiting the number of teams this year. It is incredibly likely we'll fill up well before the deadline. Please don't wait until the last minute to sign up or your team may not get in this year!

Remember, payment is due when you submit the entry form or your entry will not be counted until paid. 

Friday, April 23rd


Sign up at 5:30 – 6:30pm, start at 7pm. $10 entry fee per player with 100% payout.

Dart boards will be set to Free Play.

This event is open to the public; no pre-registration is required; sign up in person. Must be 21 years or older. Max 64 players

Saturday, April 24th


All teams must pre-register on or before March 17th. Maximum 120 teams

This tournament welcomes players from the following Midstate Amusements leagues:  Oshkosh Sunday – Thursday, Omro Thursday, Winneconne Wednesday, Wed Remote Masters, & Sun/Mon/Thurs Remote Doubles.

All players must have played at least 36 games in a qualifying league by March 19th to qualify. Teams may submit 4-6 players on their roster. You can choose to play with 4 players or rotate with 5-6. There are no substitutions allowed the day of the tournament.

Play starts promptly at 10am. All teams should have at least 4 players present at the start of the first match. In the event a team only has 3 players available, your team can still play but you must play with 3 players all day and sign a waiver of agreement. 

Teams will be placed into divisions based on the PPD of the top 4 players on the roster.

TOP DIVISION ONLY:  No cap on this division; Must have at least 5 team entries to run the bracket without a cap; Skill level must be competitive amongst these teams; Captains will be notified by March 22nd and given other options if unable to run the top bracket.

Deadline for last minute player additions: April 2nd



Entry Fee - $80 ($70 + $10 Registration Fee) non-refundable

Tourney & Games Fee - $40 Dart boards will be set to Free Play

Total amount due with entry form - $120

Please DO NOT leave your entries at the bars or turn them in to a service tech. Captain's should turn them in as soon as possible to the office in Fond du Lac or to Alicia. 

1 City Center
Oshkosh, WI 54901

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