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PPD Info - TOC, Vouchers, Remote Leagues, Tournaments, and more!

July 15, 2015

We are proud to be starting our second year as part of the Partners Promoting Darts!

PPD is a group of operators that run a series of Tournaments and Remote leagues and the big Tournament of Champions that you may have heard about. The group is called Partners Promoting Darts (PPD), and they run the Pearl Vodka Lady Bligh Rum Lord Calvert Whiskey Leagues and Tournaments.

HOW TO EARN A VOUCHER - 7/15/2015-7/14/2016

To Qualify For A Voucher: The league operator (Midstate Amusements) certifies the player has participated in a minimum of 350 league games by 11:59 PM July 14, 2016 in any combination of cricket and 01 where the league operator has retained statistics that can be shared with officials in which statistics demonstrate the player has achieved a minimum average Mark Per Round (MPR) or Point Per Dart (PPD).

     Men: 2.5 MPR or 25 PPD or higher                            Women: 1.65 MPR or 16.5 PPD or higher


Players earn points the following ways in a PPD year between July 15, 2015 and July 14, 2016:


The number of points per week will be the number of games played for all traditional traveling and remote leagues. For example, if your traditional league plays 8 games of 301 and 8 games of cricket, you’ll receive 16 points each week you play. If you play in a PPD remote doubles league with 15 games, you will receive 15 points.


Some leagues that we want to promote will earn 5 bonus points in addition to the base game points. For a qualifying league playing 8 & 8, you would earn 16 points plus 5 additional points, actually earning 21 points each week of league. These include:


Any official “Masters” League. This must be a true Masters League, not just a Division 1 league. Masters Leagues that qualify would be completely non-handicapped and must have all participating players master or double out.

Fond du Lac - Thursday team (or doubles if not enough interest).

Sheboygan - Co-Ed Alternate Fridays (this leagues plays every other Friday night, choice of Friday start date, and rotates throughout the whole league season. You actually play anywhere from 9-15 weeks, depending on the number of teams).

Oshkosh – To Be Determined

The Remote Leagues that Midstate Amusements run on Wednesday (4 person) and Thursday (doubles). These are remote leagues that we run here at Midstate and with a few other operators nearby, not through PPD, against teams from around Wisconsin. These two remote leagues are WAMO, NDA, and PPD sanctioned leagues.


In-house bar leagues (non-WAMO sanctioned and only plays at one or two locations) will also receive some points. They will receive ½ of the points a traditional traveling or remote league would receive. For example, if your in-house bar league plays 6 games of 301 and 2 games of cricket, that is 8 games, and you would receive 4 points for each week you play.


Leagues matches must be played between July 15, 2015 and July 14, 2016. Extreme Team Remote leagues run all the time, so if you need more points, that will be a great option. See the Darts TOC website for more details. League games played through another operator other than Midstate Amusements will not count towards your games or points here. You may qualify for a voucher with more than one operator, however, by meeting their requirements separately. Of course, that's over 700 games, but if you want an extra voucher, you are certainly welcome to do so!

More about the PPD and TOC:

For leagues, they run an insanely awesome amount of remote leagues. These are known on their website as “Extreme Team.” Players go to the website and sign up for either 2, 3, or 4 person teams at the G3 Bullshooter location of their choice. Sign up for this under the 2015 tab under Extreme Team on their website. Then they choose their day of the week and time. This allows us to offer more league options on different nights and against different people! It's great for our G3s out in the middle of nowhere where there is no league, for players in cities looking for more competition, for small towns that only have leagues 1 day a week, for summer when we don't have too much going on, and for players who want to do just a doubles or 3-man league for a change, too. It just gives everyone more choices. Games and Length: 6 teams play 20 weeks (5 rounds), 7 or 8 teams play 21 weeks (3 rounds), 9 or 10 teams play 18 weeks (2 rounds). There are express leagues that shoot less and standard leagues at run a playoff series at the end. You play 501 freeze rule, Cricket, and 501 stacked. All Open In/Open Out. 4 person teams play 15 games each week - each person plays 9 games, last game is 701 stacked. Triples play 12 games. Doubles play 15 games. If there is a conflict with regular traveling leagues, you will be notified as soon as possible to choose a different day of the week, time, or location. Please be aware of the local traveling leagues when you sign up for an Extreme League so that there are no conflicts.

For tournaments, PPD runs a monthly Saturday tourney - their All-Star Series. Players can sign up on their website ahead of time for them, then go to the bar of their choice with a G3, and plug the board with the entry fees. PPD deposits their winnings through PayPal or mails them their winnings (along with some occasional prizes and swag from Pearl Vodka and other sponsors). To qualify to play in the monthly All-Star Series, you will need to play in one of the aforementioned PPD (through the website) remote leagues for 24 games. If you play in the PPD Remote league and qualify to play in the tournament, the first tournament we’d be eligible to play in would be the one on August 9th. See the poster attached here below for more details about the tournaments.

Then there is the huge Tournament Of Champions. This was Pearl Vodka for 2014 and is now the Lord Calvert Whiskey Tournament Of Champions for 2015. We're not sure if it'll be the same sponsor for 2016. 

The Tournament of Champions (or TOC) is the thing a lot of players have been talking about. The Operators (like Midstates) buy vouchers for their players to "earn" during the season (July 15th to July 14th) to go to the TOC in Kansas City in November that year.The eligibility period for the November 2016 TOC starts July 15, 2015.

All PPD remote games and league games played after July 15th will count towards the 350 game requirement to attend the tournament. All Extreme-Team remote league games count for TOC and All Star Series eligibility requirements for players of PPD member/vendors who own TOC vouchers. Midstate will have vouchers for 2016's TOC which 2016 TOC statistical year starts on July 15th all games after that date will begin to count for 2016's TOC eligibility. Meanwhile, all remote league games count for the 2015 All Star Series eligibility.

Vouchers – what are vouchers? Vouchers are how we are able to send 16 men and 8 women to the TOC in November of 2016. To be eligible to earn one of our voucher, you will need to play 350 games in league. You are able to track your progress on the PDD website under the Pearl Vodka box, choose 2016 (or choose 2015 if want to see who will be going to the November 2015 TOC), and choose male or female. Now hitting 350 games just makes you eligible for a voucher. To actually win a voucher, you must have the most POINTS. You will need to be in the top 16 qualifying men or 8 qualifying women. Points are earned from playing league, playing in particular tournaments, and winning in particular tournaments. The point system to show you how to earn a voucher is listed in detail on the DartsTOC website.


If you want more information, here is the new "official" (and only 2 minutes!) YouTube clip from PPD showing you how to sign up:

We’re excited to be a part of the PPD group and look forward to getting you in on these great events! The PPD website is and Facebook Group (which I encourage you to join!) is

If you have any questions about PPD, the TOC, or anything regarding these leagues or point system, please contact Emily at

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39th BCAPL National Championships

July 22, 2015

It's time again for "The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World!"  With more than 40 events, 300+ Diamond pool tables, 50+ exhibitors, and professional events and exhibitions, there is truly something for everyone.

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino - SPECIAL GROUP RATES!

There is no need to look elsewhere for your hotel accommodations.  The beautiful and spacious Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is offering special group rates of $79 (Sun - Thur) and $129 (Fri-Sat).  Unlike other Las Vegas hotels, there are no required resort fees!  Additionally, every room is a spacious suite and the group rate does not change with up to four (4) guests per room!  Click here to book today!

Eligibility - Anyone Can Play!

Although it is always best to be a member of a BCAPL-sanctioned league, anyone can participate in singles and scotch doubles divisions by simply purchasing a CSI Associate Membership! Check the link for details.

Late Fee Dates

Late fees begin June 9 so don't wait, register today!


There are some exciting changes for this year so read below carefully!

Free Live Streaming of Amateur Events

For the first time ever, players in the various amateur divisions will have the opportunity to play in the Predator Arena under the lights and in front of the cameras.  Several days of amateur event matches will be shown live and will be recorded and uploaded to the CSI YouTube Channel.

Junior Event Added

CSI is pleased to announce the addition of the Junior 9-Ball Challenge.  There is no membership requirement, no entry fee, and no cash payouts. Plaques will be awarded to the Champion, Runner-Up, and 3rd Place finisher.  Best of all, four (4) deserving kids will qualify and be awarded free entry into the 2015 BEF Junior National Championships!  Click here to read more...

Men's Super Senior Division Change

In 2014, this division was open to men of all skill levels age 65+.  This year, it is restricted to men ranked as "Open" that are age 65+.

US Open 10-Ball & 8-Ball Championships

The US Open 10-Ball & 8-Ball Championships return in 2015.  Both events will be limited to the first 128 paid entries, played on 7ft Diamond tables, and will have $15,000 added to the prize fund.  With full fields, the total prize fund will be $107,000!  Click here to learn more...

Registration is Now Easier

There are many ways to register and it is now even easier.  Register online or download and complete the entry form(s).  All entry forms are now fillable PDF files to allow the information to be typed rather than hand-written. After typing the information and saving the form, simply upload the file(s) through our website or email to the address indicated on the form.

We look forward to seeing you this July at "The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World!"

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Magnet's Weekly Thursday Night Dart Tourney

July 30, 2015

Sign up from 6:00 to 6:45pm
Start at 7:00pm
Chicago Style
$10 Entry
200% Payback!!!!

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Walkabout Weekly Dart Tournament

July 31, 2015

Friday nights at The Walkabout this summer - will start at 8. Chicago Style doubles LOD.

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Jenz Dart Tournament

August 1, 2015

DART TOURNEY THIS SAT, August 1st 730pm CHICAGO STYLE, LOD ,10pp, 100 % payout, drinks specials 10.00 beer buffet

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Summer Scotch Doubles Pool Tourney

August 15, 2015

Summer Scotch Doubles Pool Tournament at Beserkers in Two Rivers on Saturday, August 15.

Sign up at Berserkers before or on the day of the pool tournament by 12:30. Starts at 1pm! Those couple who have bathing beach wear on qualify for a beach wear contest at the end of the tournament!

Corn Roast and Brat fry as usual with Paula's Potato Salad!

What drink specials you ask? $4 Pints of Crown mixers and Sailor Jerry mixers, along with $2.50 can beer!

If pool isnt your game, come outside and start a game of bean bags or horse shoes while rocking to the music pumped outside!

Soo....come and have some fun, a corn on the cob, a beer or a mixer and an exclusive to Berserkers, agua bomb!(sorry no drink special on those but they are yummy anyway!)

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Fdl Summer Pool End of League Party

August 15, 2015

Wednesday/Sunday end of the season party is set for Saturday August 15th at Backsage Bar and Grill 2pm. Backstage will be putting out food, and will be having a tournament. Hope everyone can make it!

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Waupun Monday Night Pool League Meeting

August 17, 2015

August 17th at Thirsty Marlins at 7pm - Waupun Monday Night Pool League Meeting

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Sheboygan Dart League Meeting

August 20, 2015

Come to Emmers at 7pm on August 20th - we'll discuss the upcoming dart league season. Everyone is welcome to attend!

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Suscha's Indoor/Outdoor Dart Tournament

September 6, 2015

Sunday, September 6th, Suscha's is running an Indoor Outdoor Dart Tournament. Check out the facebook event link below for all the details!

Sign up at noon Start at 1PM
MENS and WOMENS doubles.
10$ Per Person Per Event

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Welcome to Midstate Amusement Games

Is your bar, restaurant, or business in need of amusement games to entertain your patrons? If so you've come to the right place! We are a family owned coin machine operator that provides a wide spectrum of gaming products and services to businesses in East Central Wisconsin including Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, West Bend, Ripon, Mayville, and Waupun. Our product line includes many of today's most popular entertainment products such as arcade games (Big Buck Hunter, Golden Tee, Silver Strike), pool tables, dart boards, bar top games, foosball tables, ATM's, and state of the art digital TouchTunes jukeboxes with smart phone apps.

In addition to our full line of entertainment gaming products we offer league management services for many games (Pool, Darts, Foosball, Golden Tee, Silver Strike, Big Buck Hunter) in our service area.

We're also your connection for rec room entertainment. Looking for that arcade game, dart board or pool table for you home? Look no further, we have a large stock of used equipment for sale at incredible prices including Valley dart machines starting at $700, Tornado Foosball tables starting at $600 and Valley Dynamo pool tables starting at just $900. If you love those old arcade games we have a variety of titles to choose from. To inquire about game availability, call at 920.921.5000 and ask for Joey or Bruce or shop our used games online.

Featured Amusement Products

  • WAMO
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  • Promo Nation
  • Pearl Vodka
  • Coors Light
  • Captain Morgan's Match of the Month